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Flying to Africa is really easy and there are many options.

First you need to consider whether you want to fly direct or whether you would like to have some stopover options.

Flights to South Africa

Qantas and South African Airways provide the most direct route to South Africa. Here’s some very useful information to help you plan your holiday.

Qantas flies to South AfricaSouth African Airlines

From Sydney to Johannesburg it is a 14 hour non-stop flight and is operated by Qantas (code shared by South African Airways). Qantas fly daily departing in the morning and arrives into Johannesburg in the afternoon.

From Perth to Johannesburg it is a 10.5 hour non-stop flight and is operated by South African Airways (code shared by Qantas). There are 7 flights per week (as at August 2012) departing late evening except for their Sunday service that departs in the morning. This means that if you catch the late evening flight you’ll arrive in Johannesburg early in the morning the next day.

Flights from Perth and Sydney in Australia all fly via Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Between the two partner carriers, Qantas and South African Airways, there are 13 weekly non-stop flights and all fares from Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Gold Coast and they are the same price as the fares to South Africa from Sydney.

Once you fly into South Africa, South African Airways fly to 20 destinations within South Africa and 25 other cities across the rest of Africa.

Other airlines like Singapore Airlines fly to Johannesburg via Singapore and estimated travelling time is 21 hours.  Emirates fly to Johannesburg via Dubai and take around 24 hours. Cathay via Hong Kong and Thai Airways via Bangkok all take around 24 hours so unless you’re planning a stopover holiday in those cities to break up your journey, there’s no real advantage.

Flights to East Africa

Emirates and Etihad provide the most direct route to East Africa.

Emirates flies to AfricaEtihad flies to Africa

Emirates flies to many African cities via Dubai. Johannesburg three times daily, Nairobi twice daily and Cape Town twice daily. They also fly to the following cities daily Entebbe, Mauritius, Durban and Dar Es Salaam and Seychelles 11 times weekly. You probably need to allow around 24 hours for travel.

Etihad flies to many African cities via Abu Dhabi.  It is 14 hours to Abu Dhabi and then a further 7 hours to Johannesburg and 4 hours to Nairobi and of course, there is the connection times you have to consider making it also around a 24 hour journey. Other destinations in Africa include Addis Ababa, Lagos, Khartoum, Cairo, Tripoli, Basrah and Casablanca.

Other airlines that fly to Africa
  • Air Mauritius
  • Qatar Airways
  • Kenyan Airways

Depending on your itinerary it can be complicated or quite simple to arrange your flights, but give us a call as we’re the experts on flights, prices, seasons, stopovers and availability. Maybe you can consider a round the world airfare and cross a couple of continents? Call us at Pure Travel and we can help you have the time of your life. Our number is (02) 9407 8400 or enquire online.