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The Shongololo Safari Train (12-16 days)

Shongololo Safari Train
from $3,165

Shongololo Safari TrainThe moment you step aboard a Shongololo Safari Train, you begin an African journey unlike any other aboard your travelling hotel! When you travel via safari train, you needn’t pack, unpack and arrange transport to enjoy multiple destinations along the way – your hotel travels with you! You will travel by night and wake each morning at a new destination where another adventure awaits you.

Shongololo Safari Train stopoverRelax in the train’s club car, enjoy all of the gourmet fare the dining car has to offer, and fall asleep in your well-appointed accommodation, to the gentle rhythm of the train. Each morning, when you wake, a new and exciting destination will await you. You will then hop on one of the vehicles which travel in specially designed carriages and explore your new environment. Very cool!

The Shongololo Rail Safari offers four incredible and unique trip options, ranging from 12 days to 16. Each trip showcases a different part of the African continent – its landmarks, exotic scenery, history and culture.

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS are offered to clients that book their entire African itinerary with Pure Africa. On some departures you can save between $580 – $750 per person.

The Good Hope Express (13 days)

Journey between Cape Town and Johannesburg on a luxurious, refurbished Shongololo Train, and catch all of the best sights in between! Cross into the heart of South Africa and Swaziland, dip down to the Coast, all while enjoying a bottle of exquisite South African wine.

The Dune Express (12 days)

As it wanders at an idyllic pace between Johannesburg and Windhoek, you will enjoy a perfect African safari experience from the comfort of your rail suite. Feel the excitement and take in all the sights this rail journey has to offer, from the much-loved heart of South Africa to the breathtaking landscapes of Namibia.

The Southern Cross Express (16 days)

The Southern Cross Adventure has something wonderful for every traveller, encompassing 16 amazing days of awe-inspiring sights, gourmet dining, fine wines and African exploration through 6 countries – South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. Experience the unique culture and landscapes of each country and explore Victoria Falls – the largest waterfall in the world!

The Livingstone Tour Express (12 days)

When you travel On The Traces Of Dr. Livingstone, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking 12-day journey between Johannesburg and Victoria Falls. Your journey will take you through the hearts of both Tanzania and Zambia. The roar of the Falls, the lush green surroundings and the friendly wildlife population in the area are sure to charm and amaze you!

  • From $3,830 per person (twin share) for The Good Hope Express, and $3,165 per person (twin share) for The Dune Express.
  • From $4,835 per person (twin share) for 16-days on The Southern Cross Express and $6,055 per person twin share on The Livingstone Tour Express.
  • On all trips, children ages 7-12 are 50% of the adult rate when sharing accommodations with an adult.

Departures dates vary. When you speak with one of our Consultants they can assist to work in the rail journey to suit your overall itinerary.

Your journey includes:
  • Accommodation
  • Dinner, bed and breakfast each day
  • Arrival and departure transfer from airport to train
  • A choice of daily activities
  • Bedding and towels
  • Cabins are serviced daily
Package excludes:
  • Lunches, beverages, laundry and pre-night accommodation

There are four classes of cabins:

  • Ivory Class: Twin beds, fan, safe, hand basin with running water & shared bathroom.
  • Gold Class: Twin beds, fan, safe and private bathroom.
  • Commodore Class: Twin beds, private bathroom, air-conditioning, heating and safe.
  • Emerald Class: Twin beds, private bathroom, air-conditioning, safe and lounge area.

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