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Our Tour Guide

Our Tour Guide

I did the 15 day South Africa Safari Surprise in October last year on my own, with trepidation. But after speaking with the Pure Africa girls I felt comfortable with their suggestions and their level of expertise. I really didn’t have anything to worry about as everything was perfectly organised, the tour guides looked after me very well and I made friends with the other people on the tour so I was never lonely. My favourites places were Cape Town and Kruger National Park, I felt safe all the way and it was great not to have to worry about any arrangements as everything was taken care of. Next time I’d really like to do Kenya and Tanzania as my other tour buddies told me so much about it so I’m all fired up to do that too. I’ll definitely be booking again with Pure Africa, it was just so easy.

- Olivia Rok, Coffs Harbour
Hippos in Africa

Shhh - just watch and don't move

Our holiday to Africa was absolutely amazing! The scenery, the wildlife and the people was just more and more breathtaking at each destination. We loved Capetown, the Serengeti, Okvango Delta and Ngorogoro Crater and the lodges we stayed in were just so luxurious, yet so homely and welcoming. The ground operators in Africa were so sweet and so helpful, nothing was too much trouble. When we came home we made everyone so jealous with our photos and our stories, that our friends now want us to organise a group safari for next year, and when we do we will definitely be organising it with Valerie and the girls at Pure Africa.

- Chrissy and Trevor, Orange
Kids in Africa

With the locals

I’d always wanted to travel to Africa and experience a wildlife safari, it was something to tick off my bucket list. My husband Tim is not much of a traveller and I had to twist his arm for over a decade to take me all the way to Africa but now having done our recent trip in August 2011 he is not only converted but still talks about it regularly. We had the most wonderful trip and the most magical experiences that we will take away for the rest of our lives. We’re hoping to do the 20 day Africa Safari next and spend a little more time in East Africa where the people are so welcoming and colourful.

- Joanne Ellis, Strathfield